Mexico loans

Mexico loans, aka cross-border loans are available TODAY!

[Mexico Interest Rates have recently dropped to the lowest rates in history and our US Dollar interest rates are significantly lower than MXPeso based loans at Mexican Banks]

Financing your Mexico home has never been easier. Until recently, if you wanted to buy a home in Mexico, you had to pay for it all in CASH. Needless to say, this was prohibitive for most people.

Mortgages In Mexico had a record-breaking year in 2010 as more buyers realize that mortgage financing IS a viable alternative to paying all cash. Why risk 100% of your cash when you can purchase a property in Mexico with only 25% down and leverage the remaining 75%. Most real estate agents in Mexico have never done a transaction using mortgage financing, so we recommend that you call us and we'll assist you and your agent in putting together your transaction which includes obtaining a mortgage loan. In fact, we can even get you pre-approved so you have the confidence of knowing your money is lined up before you write a contract, and you will have the negotiating power of a cash buyer. Sellers are looking for a fast closing and a contract with few or no contingencies. A pre-approval can help you with both of these.